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Gods & Goddesses

Below is a listing of Gods and Goddesses of different traditions. 
These are just a few from the many traditions from around the world.

Name Tradition Aspects
Adonis Greek God of vegetation
Anubis Egyptian God of protection in the Underworld
Aphrodite Greek Goddess of passion, love and beauty
Apollo Greek & Roman God of the Sun, light, fertility & the Arts
Aradia Italian Protector of Witches
(The Queen of the Witches)
Ariadne Minoan & Greek Goddess of the Moon, Mother Goddess
Arianrhod Welsh Mother Goddess and reincarnation
Artemis Greek Goddess of the Moon, Nature and the Hunt
Astarte Greek Mother Goddess, Goddess of fertility
Athena Greek Warrior Goddess, wisdom, the arts and protector
Bast Egyptian Goddess of protection, festivities and cats
Brigid Celtic Goddess of fertility, smithing and poetry
Ceres Roman Goddess of the Harvest
Cernunnos Celtic Horned God
Cerridwen Welsh Mother Goddess of the Moon & Harvest
Circe Greek Goddess of death & the Underworld
Demeter Greek Mother Goddess, the harvest
Diana Roman Goddess of the Moon, Nature & the Hunt
Dryads Greek feminine spirits of the trees
Eros Greek God of love, passion & romance
Eurynome Pelasgian
(aborigines of Greece)
Mother Goddess, Goddess of All Things including the Moon, Sun, Stars & all living creatures
Flora Italian Goddess of Spring, flowers & births
Fortuna Roman Goddess of fate
Freya Scandinavian Goddess of the Moon, protector of marriages
Gaia (or Gaea) Greek Earth Mother Goddess
Hathor Egyptian Cow Goddess, protector of women
Hekate/ Hecate Thracian/ Greek Goddess of crossroads & liminal places
Hera Greek Goddess of marriage & unions
Hestia Greek Goddess of hearth & home
Horus Egyptian God of all-seeing, healing
Hymen Greek God of marriage & commitment, wedding feasts
Inanna Sumerian Mother Goddess
Isis Egyptian Mother Goddess, magick & protector
Kali Hindu Goddess of destruction, protector of abused women
Kuan Yin Chinese Earth Woman, Goddess of compassion & mercy
Lilith Hebrew Goddess of Higher Intelligence
Lucifer Italian God of the Sun & Light. See Apollo.
Maat Egyptian Goddess of justice, truth, law & divine order
Mithra Persian God of light, purity, soldiers
Morgan Celtic Goddess of water, healing & magick
Muses Thracian/ Greek Goddesses of inspiration
Nemesis Greek Goddess of revenge on evil-doers
Nephtys Egyptian Goddess of the home, sisters & midwives
Norns Scandinavian/ Norse Weavers of fate - past, present & future
Nut Egyptian Sky Mother Goddess
Odin Scandinavian/ Norse God of war, magic, wisdom & psychic sight
Osiris Egyptian Father God, vegetation, fertility & after-life
Pan Greek God of Nature, the Woods, laughter, music & passion
Pele Hawaiian Goddess of fire
Persephone Greek Goddess of the Underworld & Spring
Poseidon Greek God of the Sea
Ptah Egyptian God of craftsman, creativity
Sekhmet Egyptian Goddess of vengeance, war & retribution, Great One of Healing
Selene Greek Goddess of the Moon, Mother Goddess
Shiva Hindu God of Universal cycles: birth, death, rebirth 
Thor Scandinavian/ Norse God of Sky & Thunder, farmers, sailors
Thoth Egyptian God of wisdom, writing, reincarnation, the Moon, science
Venus Roman Goddess of Spring, protector of vegetation. Later associated with Aphrodite.
Vesta Roman Goddess of fire
Zeus Greek Father God of thunder & rain

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Further Reading

For more information on the Gods and Goddesses, I recommend the following books.  These titles are available for purchase at Avalon Moon and on the Books page at Avalon Moon, Inc.

The Witches' God by Janet & Stewart Farrar
The Witches' Goddess by Janet & Stewart Farrar
Offering to Isis by M. Isidora Forrest
Queen of the Night by Sharynne MacLeod NicMhacha
The Mabinogion Welsh Legends
When the Drummers Were Women by Layne Redmond
Gods, Demons and Symbols of Ancient Mesopotamia by Jeremy Black & Anthony Green
Inanna, Queen of Heaven & Earth by
Diane Wolkstein & Samuel Noah Kramer
Inanna, Lady of Largest Heart by Betty De Shong Meador
Hekate Soteira by Sarah Iles Johnston

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